20th January 2021
Home Start Wales have sent us information about people can access their services, they are also looking for volunteers.Vicky Critchley Cydlynydd teulu / Family Coordinator sent us this message:
"As you will already be aware, Home Start Cymru supports families struggling with post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement, financial guidance, and many other issues to receive the support of a volunteer. Traditionally, our support is provided in the family’s home, for two hours once a week. However, during the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have needed to adapt our service to telephone befriending, supporting remotely.  This support to families is needed now more than ever, our volunteer support is crucial in supporting families to cope, develop resilience and stay positive through perhaps the most challenging time in their life.   
Our service works from referrals. A wide range of different people refer families to their local Home-Start for support. We receive referrals from health visitors, GPs, social care and childcare practitioners as well as those involved in mental health services, education, early years and probation.  A family can also self-refer to us. I have attached a leaflet and a poster about our service. 
Moving forward, I will be looking to assist in accepting referrals from families in the South Powys region. I will also be supporting the recruitment of volunteers, ensuring they are trained and then matched with families. I will also offer a coordination role to oversee successful support caseloads.
Attached is a poster with more information - please contact Vicky if you would like to know more.
19th January 2021

Llangattock Community Council has this evening set its budget for 2021/22.  This report sets out the decisions it took and why.

Councillors finding out about Llangattock's raised bog
17th January 2021

On a very cold and blowy day in the middle of January Llangattock Community Councillors, Gail Jones and Kate Inglis paid a visit to a rare natural phenomenon, one of very few in Wales, right on our doorstep. It's a rare raised bog, called Waun Ddu, part of the Craig y Cillau Nature Reserve on Llangattock Escarpment.

The Councillors were met, from a distance, by Jake White from the Natural Resources Wales Welsh Raised Bogs LIFE Project. It is planning work to protect the bog and asked for the meeting to raise awareness about the project.

Waun Ddu is located near the top of the mountain road to Beaufort at the Cattle Grid where there is a popular footpath down into a hidden valley which links with the far end of the tramroad on the side of the Llangattock Escarpment. As you descend the rocky path you can see the round shape of the marshy bog at the bottom and there is a halo effect of a stream circling the outside of the bog. It is termed ‘Raised’ as from lower levels you can see that the whole bog area grows in a mound or dome. Due to the complete stream irrigation around Waun Ddu, Jake described it as the "most intact raised bog" in Wales. There are only 7 in total.

However, it is the most deteriorated and in decline due to grazing and this has resulted in the top layers of moss being lost and converting what was a habitat which was absorbing carbon dioxide, into one which is now releasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Jake said the aim is to stop further decline and stop the anaerobic state it is currently in. This will be achieved by the use of dams (or bunds) to retain sufficient moisture and reintroducing the right mosses to the environment. The work will take two years to complete.

The Councillors voiced their support and invited Jake to attend local events in future where his team will be able to provide more information about the project to residents.

15th January 2021

The National Parks have completed their consultation on the conservation area for Llangattock and a copy of the report is attached below.

14th January 2021

Repair work on the kissing gates on footpaths between Crickhowell Bridge and Llangattock Church should be completed early next week.  New parts have to be fabricated in steel before they are fitted.  Llangattock Community Council would like to thank everyone for their patience over the Christmas period.  Please continue to close the gates gently in the meantime.


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