9 March 2021

Flood working group for Llangattock

Building flood resilience in Llangattock

Llangattock volunteers and Councillors are working to make our community safer in the event of flooding. Recent severe flood events, including Storm Dennis in February 2020, have demonstrated the need to be prepared for flooding and to be able to respond if the worst happens.

The Community Council have set up a working group to investigate the challenges faced by Llangattock residents during flooding, to identify the most vulnerable properties and provide information to owners so they can protect their homes.  Vulnerable people have already been given Powys County Council ‘flood packs’ with information about how to prepare and who to contact in an emergency.

Three members of Llangattock Community Council (LCC) have joined the Crickhowell and Villages Flood Warden Scheme, which was set up after Storm Dennis.  They have been joined by volunteers who will help to warn residents, provide information and move furniture out of harm’s way if necessary.  At other times, Flood Wardens will keep an eye out for potential hazards and contact the relevant authorities if drains or culverts become blocked by fallen trees or debris.

Cllr Kate Inglis is leading LCC’s Flood Working Group.  She said: “After Storm Dennis and the now ever increasing regularity of winter storms, it was obvious that Llangattock needs its own local emergency plan, because it is cut off from Crickhowell if the Usk overflows. Initially this will look at flooding, but also will help us plan for other types of emergency situation”

“While any emergency response will always come first from trained personnel from the Fire and Rescue Service and Police, we want to support them and help our community be as safe as possible,” Kate said.

Among the issues the working group is exploring with the statutory authorities is controlling traffic, road signage, provision of information to residents and others, and possible natural flood prevention.  Options are also under consideration for an Emergency Rest Centre should one be needed.

If anyone would like any more information about LCC’s Flood Working Group please email llangattockcc@gmail.com.







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