Well done to the Village Society and the many residents of the community who took part in the Light Up Llangattock Competition.  What a fantastic display!   Thanks to Tim Jones of As You See It Media for the photos, for sponsoring & judging the competition ⭐ Thanks to Melissa from Peak for judging ⭐ Happy Christmas, all!

We are delighted to say that Llangattock Community Council has won grant funding worth over £10,000 for repairs, refurbishment and new play equipment for the Recreation Ground.

Councillors and volunteers worked together to gather the information required for a short-notice application under the All Wales Play Opportunities Grant Scheme,  which was funded by Welsh Government and administered by Powys County Council.

Unusually, the scheme included funding to repair and improve existing equipment, so we bid for money for the zip wire and climbing frame, as well as more benches for the shelters.  Other items will be announced in due course, once we have gathered further information.

This year, your Community Council has bid for and won over £30,000 in grant funding, which is more than we received from the Council tax - a great result for Llangattock.


Click on the picture to find out how we are helping to light up Llangattock!

Light Up Llangattock.mp4 from As You See It Media on Vimeo.

The panels were installed on the shelters in Llangattock Recreation Ground today - thanks to a team of Councillors and volunteers.  Providing secure, sheltered meeting and play areas are a priority and these will make life more comfortable for those who want to use them.


The Christmas tree is up! Well done the Llangattock Village Society and the Woodland Group!

The tree and cost of the power were met through fundraising by Llangattock Village Society. The lights were donated by David Taylor Garages.

Getting stuck in

Volunteers from Llangattock Village Society and the Woodland Group put up the tree.

Many congratulations, St Catwg Church, Llangattock, for receiving an eco church award. You can read more about the award scheme on this link https://ecochurch.arocha.org.uk/

Lots of fantastic news from Llangattock Village Society - click on the link below - great to see volunteers making such an impact.

LVS newsletter autumn 2021

It's all go at the Recreation Ground, with new services going in for the new accessible toilet pod and the new power supply being installed for the Christmas Tree. The funds for these projects were raised from National Lottery/Powys County Council Grants and Llangattock Village Society fundraising respectively. Both projects will bring new benefits to the Recreation Ground: the power supply can be used for community events and the water supply to the toilet will be extended to provide irrigation for the Memorial Garden.

The electricity supply box with primer paint

The trench has been dug for the new power supply for the village Christmas Tree in the Recreation Ground. Money for this was raised by Llangattock Village Society with a contribution from the Community Council. The supply will be available during the rest of the year should we need it for village events. Thank you to Councillors Helen Burns, Julian Rees and volunteers Michael Burns and William Rees for the digging.


Llangattock Community Council has written to Fay Jones MP, urging her to support important legislation on climate change. Here is the letter:

Please note the shelters in Llangattock Recreation Ground will be in use on Saturday October 23rd for this fabulous village event.

The last of the new speed signs in Llangattock is being installed this morning. It's for a new 40mph 'buffer' zone before traffic enters the main 30mph through the village from the mountain road. There is another buffer as traffic enters The Legar and a new 30mph through the Dardy. Llangattock Community Council part funded these new limits, along with the Highways Authority, Powys County Council. We did not get speed limits everywhere we wanted and will continue to press for lower limits in other areas. But we hope these will make a difference.

Live in Llangattock? Thinking of buying an electric car? Interested in finding ways to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment?

Please click on the link below to take our short survey.


Understanding Local Land Drainage in Llangattock.

What can the Agencies and the Community do together to reduce the impacts of flooding?

Llangattock has experienced terrible flooding over many years, and with these events becoming more frequent, the Community Council would like to support its residents to understand more about the issues involved in Local Land Drainage.
We have several issues to deal with here in the village, flooding from the Usk, run-off from the mountains and fields, flooding from local streams as well as leakage from the canal.

We will have contributions from:
Land Drainage Officers, Powys County Council (PCC)
Canal & Rivers Trust (CRT)
Natural Resources Wales (NRW)
Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA)
Stump Up For Trees
Usk River Level data – Duncan Forbes
Emergency Response Officer (PCC)

Thursday 17th June 2021 – 7pm – 8.30pm
Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3tUbDdL

Just click on the above link to join or type it into your web browser.
Any queries please email: llangattockcc@gmail.com

We hope to see you there and please share with anyone you feel may benefit from attending.

We're going for two grants to help improve the park. Further details in Llangattock Community Council's newsletter and on the website at https://www.llangattock-cc.gov.wales/perk-up-the-park/

We'll be looking to get the shelters in the recreation ground finished on Friday evening and Saturday. If you can help, please come along but bring a hammer. If you are not the building type, please bring cake. Failing either, some encouraging words and ideas how you would like to see them used in future!

Here's a lovely video showcasing the work of a Llangattock volunteer group.

If you have been down to the Recreation Ground over the past few days, you will have seen a lot of activity. We have been constructing Covid shelters or covered seating areas for people to sit in and enjoy the park. We got funding for these from a special National Lottery Covid Response fund. The finished shelters will have felt shingles on the roof and low height wall panels, so that people can enjoy the outdoors while having a bit of protection, too. As you can see from the aerial photos, there's still plenty of room on the old tarmac area for other things. And we hope in future we will be able to use these for events as well. Thank you to the many local people who volunteered, those who offered help (we couldn't have too many people on site), and the people who brought biscuits and delicious Welsh cakes. We hope to finish the shelters next weekend.

A friendly, vibrant, forward-thinking village in the South East corner of the county of Powys. We are surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park.