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Understanding Local Land Drainage in Llangattock.

What can the Agencies and the Community do together to reduce the impacts of flooding?

Llangattock has experienced terrible flooding over many years, and with these events becoming more frequent, the Community Council would like to support its residents to understand more about the issues involved in Local Land Drainage.
We have several issues to deal with here in the village, flooding from the Usk, run-off from the mountains and fields, flooding from local streams as well as leakage from the canal.

We will have contributions from:
Land Drainage Officers, Powys County Council (PCC)
Canal & Rivers Trust (CRT)
Natural Resources Wales (NRW)
Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA)
Stump Up For Trees
Usk River Level data – Duncan Forbes
Emergency Response Officer (PCC)

Thursday 17th June 2021 – 7pm – 8.30pm
Zoom link:

Just click on the above link to join or type it into your web browser.
Any queries please email:

We hope to see you there and please share with anyone you feel may benefit from attending.

We're going for two grants to help improve the park. Further details in Llangattock Community Council's newsletter and on the website at

We'll be looking to get the shelters in the recreation ground finished on Friday evening and Saturday. If you can help, please come along but bring a hammer. If you are not the building type, please bring cake. Failing either, some encouraging words and ideas how you would like to see them used in future!

Here's a lovely video showcasing the work of a Llangattock volunteer group.

If you have been down to the Recreation Ground over the past few days, you will have seen a lot of activity. We have been constructing Covid shelters or covered seating areas for people to sit in and enjoy the park. We got funding for these from a special National Lottery Covid Response fund. The finished shelters will have felt shingles on the roof and low height wall panels, so that people can enjoy the outdoors while having a bit of protection, too. As you can see from the aerial photos, there's still plenty of room on the old tarmac area for other things. And we hope in future we will be able to use these for events as well. Thank you to the many local people who volunteered, those who offered help (we couldn't have too many people on site), and the people who brought biscuits and delicious Welsh cakes. We hope to finish the shelters next weekend.

So here it is!
Click on the link below for the survey results. It was LCC's biggest survey response. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make, distribute and fill it in.
The answers have been included in a report which includes important disclaimers but there are some interesting findings.
And click here to read everyone's comments.

The Recreation Ground Survey has closed.  Thank you so much to everyone who designed it, printed or delivered it.  It has been the best response to a survey Llangattock Community Council has had in the shortest time. We will get the results to you as soon as we possibly can.

Below is a message from the Llangattock Village Society. We are delighted to be able to help.

fundraising during the pandemic has been difficult but we're now able to announce that in December we will have a village Christmas tree 🎄 at the Recreation Ground! We've raised enough to pay for the installation of a permanent, safe electricity feed and to pay for high quality LEDs. The only item left to fund is the tree itself. Thank you so much to all the individuals who've donated 🎄 and thanks to Llangattock Community Council🎄for their support. Not only have they given permission to site the tree in the park, they've helped with the cost of the project by awarding £500 from the Community wellbeing fund 🎄 Huge thanks also to As I See It Media Ltd for generously donating prize money to a 'Best Christmas Lights Street Scene' in Llangattock, Dardy, Ffawyddog, Hillside or Legar. Details closer to the time, but prizes will be 1st - £75, 2nd - £50 and 3rd - £25 As You See It Media Ltd will photograph the Christmas lights just before Christmas for an online Christmas gallery 🎄 There's still a little way to go but hopefully we'll be able to hold some events through the summer which will get us across the finishing line, and make Christmas 2021 one to remember for all the right reasons! 🎄🌟

Llangattock Community Council has developed a strategy for how it would like the Council and its relationship with the community to develop over the next 5 years.  It's set out in this graphic and below in text.  It is meant to be a 'living' document, which can develop over time.  We hope you will join us on this journey.

Shaping our community together

This document aims to describe the 5-year vision and plan for Llangattock Community Council (LCC).

This document will be used:

  • as a discussion document with the Llangattock community to share the Council’s aims and objectives over the next few years including future budget forecasting
  • to gain local support for key activities and projects requested by the community
  • for grant applications
  • to celebrate the achievements within the local community.

Our Vision:

Over the next 5 years our aim as a Community Council is to continue to help build an attractive, inviting and secure community.  One that is committed to ensuring equality, tolerance and diversity are at the forefront of our actions so as to continue to build a strong community that works together.

We will work in partnership with residents to foster community pride, develop and support our local economy, plan for the future and preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our environment.

Where we can achieve these things ourselves, we will aim to do so.  However, we will also aim to work with and alongside local community groups and organisations to further enhance the offering and benefits to our community.

We will raise funding wherever we can. Where the power to act rests with other external bodies, we will work with them to achieve our aims.

Our Priorities:

Our priorities will be to ensure our community:

  • Will be a safe place for residents and visitors alike
  • Will feel listened to and involved in decision making that directly affects their families, the environment and future generations
  • Will be inclusive, tolerant as well as embrace equality & diversity
  • Will promote sustainability by strengthening our resilience to the impacts of anticipated climate & social changes and the risks they pose to our community
  • Will become aware of the importance of biodiversity conservation and how it can enhance our health and wellbeing
  • Will celebrate our culture history and heritage
  • Will be the custodians of our natural environment
  • Will celebrate our achievements and sense of community
  • Will trust that our Community assets are valued, maintained and cared for

Our Pillars:

There will be 4 Pillars or strategies which will support the delivery of the LCC vision

  • Culture and community
  • Wellbeing
  • Environment and the local economy
  • Communication

Culture and Community:

  • Developing pride in our community from within
  • Helping to create a community which is kind, caring, tolerant and supportive
  • Supporting diversity, equality & innovation within the community
  • Working as one – togethernes


  • Supporting all age groups in our community to be active
  • Consider future generations in all our decision making
  • Strengthening our community through equality & diversity
  • Providing a safe place for our community to work rest and play!
  • Promoting Volunteering

Environment and the local Economy:

  • Celebrating and protecting our cultural heritage and history
  • Looking after our environment now and for the future
  • Promoting sustainability and encouraging lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on our community.
  • Investing in our local economy by supporting local business and produce


  • Openness and inclusiveness in all communications
  • Two-way communications between the Council and community
  • Providing clear, relevant and timely information
  • Using multiple channels to ensure that our messages and those of the community are heard

Each element within the pillars will be achieved through specific actions and activities detailed within a working plan which is supported by Llangattock Community Council’s Schedule of Delegation and Code of Conduct.

These ‘pillars’ support the approach of Powys CC in their Wellbeing Plan and the work they are doing through their 5-year plan.



The Perk up the Park Online Survey is now available.  Click below to fill it out.

Work to refurbish the climbing frame continues as part of the Perk Up The Park project. We are replacing some of the softwood. Some of the treads are solid oak and will stay as they have plenty of wear in them.

Llangattock Community Council has declared a climate emergency and is developing plans for a climate working group in the village.

The Council passed a motion this week which will commit it to "work towards ensuring that sustainability is embedded in all that the Council undertakes and strengthen the village's resilience with respect to the impacts of anticipated climate changes and the risks this poses."

Councillors also want to work with others to reduce the carbon footprint of the community.

If you want to read the full declaration, click here.




You can fill out the Llangattock Recreation Ground Survey online, but if you still want a paper copy then they are available at the park. Please complete them by May 1st.
Here is a new mission statement from the Perk Up The Park Project working group.
It's fab: inclusive, enthusiastic and ambitious for the Recreation Ground and our community.
They would like to get as many people as possible to join in this mission. They particularly want to hear from people who could help coordinate the many ideas received, or could represent the interests of different groups in the community?
If you have particular skills you could offer, even for an hour a week, please get in touch.
If you want to drop off completed survey forms, please use the new box which has just been installed on the external wall of the toilet block. Thank you!
If you want to complete one online, please visit this page

Llangattock Community Council wishes to extend its sincere condolences to The Royal Family following the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

If you live in Llangattock, you'll be getting a survey through the door asking what you would like to see in the Recreation Ground. They've been delivered by a small team of volunteers. Please, don't let the boys down, fill it out!

As lockdown begins to lift, we are looking to get 'Perk Up The Park' going again. This is an ambitious project to gain grant funding for more and better facilities in Llangattock Recreation Ground.  The aim is to create a space for all ages and abilities. But we need your help. The National Lottery will only give large grants where local people are involved in the design, development, and delivery of the project.  This has to be a joint effort to succeed.  We need your ideas and involvement. Please click on our slideshow to find out more and email us on if you are able to help in any way.

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