We've been getting the displays ready. If you are at the summer fete at Llangattock Recreation Ground tomorrow, please come and talk to us about ideas for new walking and cycling routes. Powys County Council has been given the money to make this happen, so we need your views. County Councillor Jackie Charlton will be on hand to answer any questions.

This is next Saturday, June 29th. It's being organised by Llangattock Village Society and Repair Cafe Llangattock will be there along with Llangattock Community Hall LACAS - Llangattock Allotments Llangattock Community Woodlands Treebeards Bar Crickhowelland The Old Rectory Hotel Please come and join in and message the village society if you can help set up or take down.

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Llangattock Community Council has adopted the Llangattock Community Plan and Report of Consultation 2024.  This was created following a year of consultations with residents and relevant stakeholders.  LCC is now working with Bannau Brycheiniog National Park to see how this can be actioned through the planning system by what is known as Statutory Planning Guidance or SPG.  If you want to read the adopted plan, please click on this link.


If you go down to Llangattock park today you'll see that lots of repairs have been made to the play equipment. Much of this will need to be replaced in the next few years and we are saving towards this but these repairs will keep it going until then.

If you want to see what the community council has been doing over the past year, here is a short report. Phew!



If you are visiting Llangattock or live here, please follow the dog walking code. Please remember that dogs are not allowed in the Recreation Ground and should be kept on leads in the Glebe Field on the way to and from the River Usk. The video explains why.

A message from Llangattock Green Valleys:
Black Mountains Community Energy update
We are pleased to say that in addition to the Making a Difference in Powys fund, Llangattock Green Valleys has also been awarded financial support from the Sustainable Development Fund of the National Park. We have now begun the community consultation exercise and fact finding on the technical options for generation and storage of renewable electricity and future funding possibilities.
We have booked venues for the following public events where we are seeking views on community benefits which could be supported with income from a scheme and on the infrastructure which would be acceptable. LGV is seeking opinions of those living and working in the area at the following events.
Llangattock Community Hall, NP8 1PH
Saturday 11th May 10.30am - 1.30pm
Cwmdu Village Hall, NP8 1RW
Saturday 18th May 10.30am - 1.30pm
Llangynidr Village Hall, NP8 1LS
Saturday 1st June 10.30am - 1.30pm
Glangrwyney Village Hall, NP8 1E
Saturday 8th June 10.30am - 1.30pm
Llanbedr Village Hall, NP8 1SR
Saturday 13th June 10.30am - 1.30pm
Upstairs @ CRiC, Crickhowell, NP8 1BN
Saturday 22nd June 10.30am - 1.30pm
Peter Blood, Simon Walter.
Llangattock Green Valleys CIC

Llangattock Place Plan Survey March / April 2024 Results
This was the last of 5 surveys in a big public consultation led by Llangattock Community Council (LCC) which lasted nearly a year. The consultation included a public meeting, 12 small area walkabouts and pop-up events, a parking survey and more than 50 rounds of correspondence, including emails, newsletters, mailouts and text messages.
Around 24% of the population of Llangattock took part in the last survey, almost all being over 36 years-old and the biggest group being of retirement age, most being homeowners. Over the course of the whole consultation, we engaged with 30-40% of the population.
The key points are:
• 70% of respondents said Llangattock should remain a Limited Growth Settlement and that no new housing for sale or private rent should be allowed in the next 15 years.
• But 58% of respondents said they would support small, edge-of-settlement developments for affordable housing (not for sale or rent on the open market, for part ownership or low-cost rental, with local people prioritised).
• 60% said they would support a small affordable housing development to the Southeast of Llangattock School off Beechwood Road, while also creating additional parking and another school entrance to ease pressure at Clos Cillau and Tan Dderwen. This could be combined with solar panels, electric vehicle charging and an accessible travel route linking the North and the South of the village. Nearby residents expressed concerns over roads and infrastructure which will need to be explored in detail and mitigations considered at a pre-planning consultation.
• Information from Powys County Council suggests we need around 8-12 affordable homes for rent or part-ownership in Llangattock by 2037, but there are currently 53 households with a local connection to our community on waiting lists, nine are ready to move now. In a previous survey of young people, 65% said they did not think they could afford to rent in Llangattock and 85% said they could not afford to buy.
• In comments and emails, residents said new affordable housing should be spread around the community. However, other suggested locations attracted less support and will not be pursued until another trawl for candidate sites is made by Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority. All other sites can then be assessed together.
• 75% said there should be future restrictions on holiday homes and holiday lets in the ‘old village’. LCC will lobby for these along with a further increase in Council Tax for second homes.
• 57% said they would support some small. Energy efficient homes being built for local downsizers if their larger homes could be sold to housing associations as affordable housing for local families. The Place Plan will also support splitting large properties to make small homes.
• There was support for a combined community hub / shop / café and parking either opposite the Horseshoe pub or at the Southern end of the allotment field, adjacent to the recreation ground, with footpath access to the Beech Woods. Further options for parking will be investigated, including at the end of Park Drive and at the Rectory Hotel.
• 55% said they would support improvements to ease traffic congestion at the Vine Tree junction.
• 61% said they wanted it to be easier for pedestrians to cross the road by Llangattock / Crickhowell Bridge.
• Respondents were divided over a pedestrian bridge over the River Usk and it will not be included in the Place Plan.
• 69% supported LCC’s desire to replace the kissing gates with an accessible design in a traditional style, though we have not yet secured funding for this.
• 69% supported Bannau Brycheiniog National Park’s climate change targets.
• 61% supported other environmental initiatives being proposed by LCC.

For more information visit our website.
Full survey results: https://www.llangattock-cc.gov.wales/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/PLACE-PLAN-CTTEE-APRIL-APPROVED-BY-COUNCIL-1642024.pdf
Housing information: https://www.llangattock-cc.gov.wales/housing-questions-answers/
Draft Place Plan 1 (to be updated): https://www.llangattock-cc.gov.wales/1st-draft-of-the-place-plan-february-2024/
Llangattock Community Council thanks residents for taking part in the various consultations over the past year. There will be plenty more opportunities to offer ideas, raise questions and concerns in the coming months, and yes, to make changes too as the Place Plan will remain a ‘live’ document, owned by the community. LCC will be talking to Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority and other stakeholders over the coming weeks to see how best the views of our community can be represented and actioned now and in the future.

If you want to read the full report, please follow this link:


During the course of the Place Plan Consultations, we have received a number of questions around whether there is a need for more housing in Llangattock, so we have created a Q+A page.  Click on this link to access it.  If you want to download it, click here.



Solar panels have been installed on the toilet block in Llangattock Recreation Ground.  They will provide electricity for hot water to the hand basins as well as infrared heating, making the block more comfortable to use.  This project was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the Bannau Brycheiniog Sustainable Development Fund.

Thank you to the nearly 50 people who turned up at the Repair Cafe Llangattock today to give their views about the draft Llangattock Place Plan. For those who did not fill in a survey while there but took forms away, please get them back to us as soon as possible or do it online at https://www.llangattock-cc.gov.wales/ideas-for-consultation/ where you can also see the presentation from today.

Do you want to see more affordable homes built in Llangattock, or more space for parking, a community hub, or a shop? Or would you rather see development controlled? The slideshow below shows ideas which came forward during the recent Llangattock Place Plan Consultation. Fill out the 3-minute survey on this link or visit our drop-in from 11-2pm next Saturday, March 23rd, at Llangattock Community Hall next to the primary school. Paper copies will be available there. For or against, we want the views of Llangattock residents and stakeholders, so please fill out the survey by clicking here



Llangattock Community Council is running a series of drop-in events in March and April to find out what solutions people in South Powys and the Usk Valley would like to see to help tackle the lack of public transport in their towns and villages.

The Community Council has been awarded funding by Aberystwyth University’s ‘Transport and Health Integrated Research Network’ for a study into possible solutions including community electric buses and car share schemes.

Kate Inglis, Chair of the Planning and Environment of Llangattock Community Council, said: “We want to investigate what people would like to see to help tackle the ‘transport poverty’ we all know exists in our villages. We also know that by giving people convenient public transport options we can help tackle loneliness, improve people’s wellbeing, and help with parking problems and the climate emergency by reducing car dependence.”

The drop-ins will canvas the opinions of people living in six community council areas: Crickhowell and Llangattock, Llangynidr, Cwmdu, Tretower, Bwlch & Cathedine, the Vale of Grwyney, Llanbedr and Llangenny, Gilwern, Clydach and Maesygwartha. The aim is to assess how much demand there would be for different types of transport.

Ms Inglis said: “If viable, we would love to see a combination of community transport and car sharing to help support the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority and Powys County Council in their goals of reducing CO2 emissions.

“Please do come along to one of the events and look out on social media for our survey when it goes live. There will be refreshments and cake that we’d love to share with you!” added Ms Inglis.

People who come along to the informal community engagement events will also be able to talk to Llangattock Green Valleys about community energy projects.

Event dates

Drop-ins will be held on Saturdays on the following dates:

Saturday 9th March- 10am - 1pm

Llangynidr Village Hall, Cwmcrawnon Road, Llangynidr, Crickhowell NP8 1LS

Saturday 16th March - 10.30am - 4pm

Crickhowell Parish Hall, Church Lane, Crickhowell NP8 1BB

Saturday 23rd March - 11am - 2pm

Llangattock Community Hall, Clos Cilau, Llangattock, NP8 1PH

Saturday 13th April - 2pm - 5pm

Glangrwyney Village Hall, Crickhowell, NP8 1EF

Saturday 20th April - 2pm - 5pm

Cwmdu Village Hall, Cwmdu, Crickhowell NP8

Saturday 27th April - 2pm - 5pm

Gilwern Village Hall, Main Road, Gilwern, Monmouthshire NP7 0AS

Any questions? Please get in touch on with Kate Inglis and Natalie Bruynseels on: commtransport@llangattockgreenvalleys.org

Here is the first draft of the Llangattock Place Plan for consultation.  It is a lengthy document detailing the results of our consultation with residents, lots of information about where we live, and some ideas for the future.  You may feel that some of these are good ideas, some not so good - that's the point of a consultations.  Over the next few weeks, we will produce a summary document and arrange opportunities for you to feed back, but we thought you should have an opportunity to read the whole document first.  If you want to download it, please click here. If you want to comment before then, please email llangattockplaceplan@gmail.com


“Our brilliant contractor, Andy Braithwaite, is leaving to pursue adventures new, so we are after a new cleaner or cleaning company for the public washrooms at Llangattock Recreation Ground. The rota will cover seven days a week, caring for the newly refurbished toilet block and accessible toilet pod. Contact the Clerk, Kay, on llangattockcc@gmail.com for details. Cheers Andy! Thanks for all your hard work and good luck for the future.”

Joint Statement by Powys County Council and Llangattock Community Council about the Residents Parking Consultation conducted in Llangattock in January 2024

Responding to complaints about parking in Llangattock raised during the recent Place Plan consultation, the two councils asked householders in the centre of the village whether they would support a residents parking scheme on residential roads and the public car park opposite St Catwgs Church.

  • As Highways Authority, Powys County Council (PCC) is the only body able to restrict parking on public roads.
  • The survey was conducted under its Residents Parking Policy 2017 in order to establish whether there was enough support to warrant drawing up detailed proposals for wider consultation.
  • This is the only process available in Powys.
  • Llangattock Community Council (LCC) has no authority over public roads but owns and manages the car park opposite St Catwg’s Church.

Community Councillors delivered a paper survey to 224 homes and businesses in the centre of the village.  It was accompanied by a detailed, 11-page Q+A outlining all the issues.

  • 103 (46% of forms) were returned.
  • 22% of respondents said they found it difficult to find a parking space some or all of the time.
  • Overall, 27% of respondents supported a resident parking scheme, and 67% of respondents did not.
  • 6 residents either wrote letters or returned forms which did not give a clear answer.

As was made clear in the Q+A and PCC policy document, “substantial support” (which PCC say equates to at least 50% of residents) was required before a parking scheme could be progressed for public roads in Llangattock. This threshold was not met, and that process has now ended.

LCC will further analyse the data to see whether there is cause to do anything different with the Church View Car Park.

As part of the Place Plan process, LCC will continue to work with residents and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to reduce parking pressures in our community.  Ideas put forward include:

  • Improving public transport
  • Making it easier for residents to walk and cycle
  • Vehicle and driveway sharing schemes
  • Increasing the number of publicly available spaces if opportunities arise and budgets allow
  • Working to mitigate pressures from the school-run

The two councils understand that the survey results will disappoint those residents who wanted a residents parking scheme to be introduced. Some of them have no off-street space at their homes, but by a majority of 2-1, the community has said it does not want these restrictions.

Powys County Council Highways Department and Llangattock Community Council February 2024

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Llangattock Parking Survey, which is now closed. There was a good turnout, with a broad range of views expressed. The two councils will now assess the data collected and report back as soon as possible.

Through careful budgeting, LCC has held the increase in its 'bit' of the Council tax to 1p per week for a band D household and 2p for band H.

Residents may recall a couple of weekends before Christmas where Welsh Water closed the road in the centre of the village without warning, then failed to carry out the work, then took the signs away, then said they would close it again for three days, before completing the work behind some barriers without closing the road. Well, Llangattock Community Council wrote to complain about the appalling lack of communication. For your information, this is the response we got.

A friendly, vibrant, forward-thinking village in the South East corner of the county of Powys. We are surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park. 
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