A new Flood Warden Scheme is in the process of being set-up, and 8-10 volunteers are needed to cover areas of Llangattock. There will be Co-ordinator roles which are organisational, and could be home-based. There will also be Responder roles which will require a certain level of fitness as may involve moving and lifting.

Llangattock Community Council are supporting this effort to make our communities safer in the event of another serious flood. If you feel you would like to play a part or you would like more information please get in touch as soon as possible with Emma at: crickresponse@gmail.com

COVID Restriction Support.

This information is provided by Llangattock's County Councillor.

The message from Welsh Government could not be clearer, stay at home if you can and stay safe. At Powys County Council there is a process in place to help residents and businesses who maybe concerned that the important restrictions are being stretched or even disregarded. Just so you are aware and need to either report something or simply want to find out some important information, help is at hand. Powys Trading Standards manage Welsh Government funded Public Protection Officers and can answer any questions you may have, or you can report something to them. Senior Trading Standards Officers oversee the work of the Public Protection Officers carrying out the COVID work for the Council. You can contact them direct via the generic trading standards email address trading.standards@powys.gov.uk and they can answer any questions you may have. In the case of reporting they can make an assessment as to whether it is for Powys County Council or the Police for enforcement responsibility and allocate the work accordingly. You can of course contact me and I will pass the information on if that helps cllr.jackie.charlton@powys.gov.uk Take care and stay safe. Cllr Jackie Charlton.

Residents in need of support can also contact the Community Council and we will do what we can to support you.

Happy New Year from Llangattock Community Council; let’s hope it is an improvement on 2020.  Your Community Council are working to make it so.

Aims and Objectives

In the past few weeks, with new Councillors on board, we have defined the council’s aims and objectives.  In the coming months, we will be conducting surveys and refining this and into a medium to long-term plan for the village.

In order to achieve these aims and objectives, we are setting up a new committee structure. Each committee will have the power to appoint working groups and invite residents to work with us to create the community you want to live in.

Llangattock Community Council – new committee structure


The council has a tiny budget and limited resources, but we are willing to work with volunteers and residents to make Llangattock better.  The new structure allows local people to get involved directly in projects to improve the village, to seek grant funding for new ventures and plan for the future.

Llangattock Community Council is developing a budget to match those aspirations, though that may take a number of years.  More news on that shortly.

We have lots of ideas and enthusiasm for a better Llangattock.  How long it takes to realise them depends not just on us, but on the people who live here too.  Together, we can make Llangattock a better, happier place to be.

A friendly, vibrant, forward-thinking village in the South East corner of the county of Powys. We are surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park.